Art and Beauty a Luxury?

Art and beauty cannot be brushed aside as luxury.  Some avoid it altogether and some are even frightened by art.   And sadly for many, the  mere mention of art conjures up descriptions such as, “unessential” or even “frivolous.”  In education we keep the sciences and emphasize math, but arts are usually the first to go with the cuts.    

If there is an element of truth in art and beauty and I think there is, then neither can be brushed aside, nor neglected.  So, can I make art, beauty, or even love my goal?  Never.  Seeking to be artful or beautiful is a lot like seeking to be loved.  M. Scott Peck in A Road Less Traveled said, “If being loved is your goal, you will fail to do it.” Our primary goal must not be to be loved or to be beautiful, but to seek a life that reveals the components of balance, form, harmony, rhythm, unity, emphasis, and repetition.

What would the observer see when they look at me? Beauty brings glory to God.  So does art.  We all know that love does too. Therefore, I must not be satisfied with the mediocre in any aspect of my life.  Life is art. Love life.


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